How to Stop a Chiminea Smoking

Learning how to stop a chiminea smoking is a very important aspect to consider if you want to cook or have an excellent fire pit experience outdoors. In numerous gardens and decking spaces, a chiminea is considered a popular addition as it allows residents to feel warm and relaxed even on cold evenings. Nevertheless, endless amounts of smoke and fumes may prevent you from having fun and enjoying a crackling fire. The issue most people have to deal with is that at the beginning it is difficult to figure out how to lessen smoke from a chiminea while still using it frequently.

Here below you can find a host of recommendations to consider in order to control chiminea smoking so that you can enjoy the warmth a chiminea provides and have fun while considerably diminishing the amount of smoke, which may negatively affect your gatherings. Elevate your gatherings with a backyard cooler for all to enjoy! Check out our favourite backyard coolers here. 

Use a Smokeless Fuel

Make sure to use smokeless fuel such as dry wood in order to avoid considerable amounts of smoke. For instance, if you get a piece of wet wood that has been already exposed to rain, this may contain over 50% water, which means that if you use it in your chiminea, the fire will have first to burn off all the water, producing a lot of smoke and then after water has been burned off, it can generate a high level of heat.

Keep your Chiminea Sheltered from the Wind

There are certain aspects we can’t simply control. Such is the case with wind, which immediately boosts  the quantity of smoke that a chiminea gives off now that the stronger it gets, the faster it accelerates the burning of the fuel. This not only makes more smoke than usual, but also it is more expensive to use. However, we can have some control on how the wind interacts with the chiminea. It is known that wind tends to blow in a certain direction, so it is easy to place the chiminea away from that direction. Doing this will not only decrease smoke production, but also help fire burn more effectively.

If the above does not work, you can opt for a windscreen, which is usually made of glass to offer a clear view of the burning wood, but in order to avoid possible dangers, it must be anchored down and placed far enough away from the fire. You should consider that a windscreen may decrease the amount of heat that your chiminea emits but it can be worth it, particularly on windy nights.

Don’t Burn Unseasoned or Wet Wood

Both wet wood and unseasoned wood contain more water than dry wood, meaning that when either of them is being burned, it will produce less heat than dry wood, decreasing its burning ability. When the chiminea is wet, the heat burns off the water, generating steam that combines with the smoke from the fire, causing the chiminea to produce more smoke than usual. Furthermore, burning this kind of wood can be a serious danger to your health now that when it emits more smoke than usual, a considerable amount of contaminants and small particles are released into the air to finally be inhaled by you.

Don’t Burn Leaves

Leaves and foliage not only come with higher water content but they also have natural gas. This will drastically increase the amount of smoke that your chiminea gives off. Therefore, before using a chiminea, you must clean it frequently and make sure you remove any leaves that may ruin your chiminea performance.

Avoid adding too much Tinder

Tinder such as wood or paper is certainly great for starting any fire in a chiminea, but throwing more of it after the fire has established itself, will only create unnecessary smoke.

Clean your Chiminea

If you have a dirty chiminea, you will not get a clean flame as you may expect. Therefore, before using a chiminea and putting new or dry wood in it, you should clean your chiminea by removing leave residue and ash in the chamber.

Use Hard Wood for Burning

Using the correct wood has a big impact on the flame your chiminea produces. That is why it is always recommended to use softwood for kindling and hardwood for burning. For example, softwood burns quicker, creating a lot more smoke than usual, meaning that if you do not want to have a considerable amount of smoke you should opt for hardwood.

How to Perform a Smoke Test

You need first to turn a propane heater on and you will see a small flame. Next, you need to open the door of your stove and put the propane heater inside it to warm the flue up. To speed up the warming of the flue, you need to increase the size of the flame of the propane heater and then you hold it in one position for about two to three minutes.

In case you do not have a propane heater and you want to test the appliance without it, you just need a decent quality fire lighter paired with some kindling that has been properly dried and what this will do is to warm the flue before you put your smoke pellet into the stove which will then ensure that the smoke goes up the chimney and does not come into rooms.

We start with the kindling, firstly with a fire lighter and then place in the middle of the stove and followed by bits of kindling. Once you put your kindling in and it is setting on fire, just close the door momentarily to allow more air to suck into the stove. After, it is needed to place a smoke pellet (they can be gray or orange depending on the weather and clouds) inside the stove and close it again. Then you can see if smoke is coming out of anywhere around the stove.

On the other hand, if you detect that smoke is coming out of the entire chimney, it means that  it has failed  and you need to line it to ensure that the flue gasses do not travel into any of the loft space bedrooms and for doing so you need a lining system to fix that. Want to enjoy the next sports game on TV next to your Chiminea? Check out our article on how to mount a TV outdoors on siding here. 

Check out this Youtube video for more information.

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Featured image credit: “Steve’s Chiminea” by SteveR- is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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