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A tripod sprinkler is a more modern variant of the conventional lawn sprinkler. Watering can be challenging if you have a large yard or one on which a huge variety of foliage has been planted. This is particularly the case, especially when you have to move the sprinkler from place to place to make sure every plant gets the correct amount of moisture.

What is a Tripod Sprinkler?

Tripod sprinkler systems typically rotate and spray water in a circular manner. Many options out there can be adjusted according to your needs. You can configure the sprinkler to rotate in a full 360-degree round or a segment of circle that rotates anywhere from zero to 360 degrees.If you have rough terrain on your property, you can mount the tripod in a central location to then spray out in a circular manner to irrigate a wider area than a normal sprinkler could do. If you are looking for a smaller sprinkler system, check out our review on the Gardena ZoomMaxx sprinkler here.

Because it is positioned above the ground, water sprinklers feature a vastly larger reach, allowing you to irrigate areas of your landscape which cannot be watered with a regular sprinkler and the best of all is that the coverage can be modified too. When deciding what tripod sprinkler to choose, there are available lots of options to choose from, making it hard to find the perfect one for you.Therefore, This list is intended to make the purchase process easier as it shows some of the best tripod sprinklers available with their features included.

Orbit 56667Z

Zinc Impact Sprinkler, Neutral

Orbit 56667Z Zinc Impact Sprinkler, Neutral

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$37.99 $64.99

Watering vast areas is simple with the The Orbit Zinc Impact Sprinkler on adjustable tripod. Impact heads are made to deliver a constant water flow that is clog-resistant, even if it is used with unclean or reused water from ponds and canals. As it is placed on an adjustable tripod, this sprinkler sprays up to a 90-foot diameter and you can quickly change the coverage from a portion of circle to a full circle. It also comes with a deflector cover, allowing it to modify the distance, and finally it has an anti-backsplash arm with spray pattern and coverage. This is one of our favorite sprinklers for new grass seed as well.

The water stream is broken up with a quick twist of the diffuser screw, producing  larger or smaller water droplets.The height of the tripod can be modified from 16 to 37 1/2 inches. The tripod can be fold to a tiny size for an easier storage.The base is compatible with 1-inch standard garden hoses that can be attached by a gooseneck connector. Additionally, the all-metal design is intended to resist the usual wear and tear that the majority of impact sprinklers experience, meaning that you will have years of dependable use.

Orbit 58308Z

Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base, Green

Orbit 58308Z Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base, Green

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This tripod sprinkler is supported by sturdy, height-adjustable legs that can be adjusted from 22 to 48 inches, allowing you to choose the proper height according to your irritation needs.The tripod has a robust adaptable base that swivels, and adjusts to guarantee precise measurement applications. Also, this tripod sprinkler is small and compact and includes foldable legs and weighs only 5 pounds, making it incredibly portable and easy to store.

Eden 11530

Multi-Pattern Turbo Gear Drive Metal Tripod Sprinkler Plus Misting System w/Quick Connect Starter Kit

Eden 11530 Multi-Pattern Turbo Gear Drive Metal Tripod Sprinkler Plus Misting System w/Quick Connect Starter Kit, 360 Degree Coverage

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The Eden 11530-EDAMZ Sprinkler includes a misting system, which is useful keeping you cool while working in the garden or on the farm and it is hot. As this tripod sprinkler features five spraying patterns, it can cover larger areas, including surrounding growing vegetation. The current of water can be controlled using several functions.You can quickly adjust the spray to irrigate the area that requires being watered. Spraying can be adjusted in a half or full circle.This sprinkler has several adjustment heights to satisfy your comes with a quick-stop connector that allows you to quickly add or remove the gear driver. The quick-stop connector has a lock mechanism that keeps the head driver in place to prevent it falling. Finally, if you want to cover more areas to irrigate, you can quickly  attach a hose.

Aqua Joe AJ-6PSTB

Indestructible Series 6 Pattern HD Sprinkler/Mister Combo

Aqua Joe AJ-6PSTB Indestructible Series 6 Pattern HD Sprinkler/Mister Combo, 360 Degree Coverage

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This tripod sprinkler features rust-resistant materials and a heavy-duty metal design, providing years of dependable watering. It comes with six customizable spray patterns, such as flat, fan, mist, large, multi, and minimum so that you can adapt the spray to meet the specific watering needs of your yard or garden. For instance, you can use the minimum configuration for delicate plants, the mist setting for succulents or the large setting for areas difficult to reach and plants that can deal with heavier spray.

Melnor 65066-AMZ

Metal Pulsating Sprinkler QuickConnect Product Adapter, XT Tripod

Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating Sprinkler QuickConnect Product Adapter, Amazon Bundle, XT Tripod

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If you want to well irrigate your garden, the Melnor 65066-AMZ Sprinkler is a suitable choice as it has a sturdy tripod to facilitate watering tasks. This sprinkler is ideal for watering wide lawns and gardens now that it can cover an area of up to 85 feet.Its base is durable and can extend up to 48 inches high to generate a rain-like garden spray. As it is made entirely of metal, this sprinkler is intended to last for many years. You can attach and remove any watering tool with a quick-connect mechanism and as this sprinkler  comes with an adapter you can instantly connect it to a hose in case you need one to reach areas that are not normally covered by the sprinkler.

Melnor 65115-AMZ MiniMax Turbo

Oscillating Sprinkler on Tripod with QuickConnect Product Adapter

Melnor 65115-AMZ MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler on Tripod with QuickConnect Product Adapter Amazon Bundle

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With this tripod sprinkler, which can irrigate up to 4000 square feet, you can get the coverage and adaptability of a full-sized oscillating sprinkler, making it perfect for wide lawns and gardens. With the customizable tripod base it is easy to adjust the height of watering  up to 41 inches in height, being excellent for taller crops and with simple adjustments you can prevent wasting water on the driveway or sidewalk. It is possible to modify the width and range of the water flow for a small garden or very narrow strip of lawn.With the exceptional zoom characteristic of this sprinkler, it is easy to control the total watering area by zooming in to water a tiny flower bed or out for optimal coverage in your garden.The durable Infinity Turbo Drive functions quietly and delivers coverage with a smooth motion to prevent puddling.

The MiniMax Oscillating Sprinkler offers all of the functions you may need to preserve your grass and garden thriving year after year. With Melnor’s QuickConnect technology you can connect and remove watering accessories within seconds and the product adapter with which the sprinkler comes with is simple to connect to the hose end when you need it.When you are not using the Minimax Oscillating Sprinkler with a QuickConnect system, you just need to connect the threaded end of the sprinkler to any ordinary garden hose. Check out our article for the best sprinkler for new sod here. 

Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer

Motion Activated Sprinkler, Black

Orbit 62120 Garden Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler , Black

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The Orbit Garden Enforcer (TM) Motion-activated Sprinkler comes with a tripod which height can be modified so that the sprinkler can be adapted to your  growing garden and terrain.A potent combination of spray, motion and noise scares animals and condition them keep away from the restricted area. The heat and motion-activated sensor is able to detect movement from up to 40 feet away and activate a valve, producing a burst of water. The tripod is adjustable from 28 to 54 inches to protect growing plants.With the programmed watering feature included on the dual-purpose sprinkler, you can irrigate your garden for 30 minutes at a time.Other insect and animal repellents do not offer the same convenience and control provided by this sprinklers.

Orbit H2O Six Sprinkler Tripod

Orbit H2O-Six Sprinkler with Tripod 56208

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The Orbit H20-Six Sprinkler is one of the most  versatile sprinklers present on the market. It is an excellent choice for differently sized lawns and gardens. The sprinkler not only is simple to use, but also provides a wide variety of spray patterns, which make it easy to irrigate your garden in a smooth and efficient manner.You just need to rotate the head and click into position to select a spray  pattern and you do not need tools for doing so. you can easily select a watering distance ranging from 25 to 360 degrees.It is equipped with four-position diffusers, allowing a maximum spray control. The sprinkler head is secured on a solid metal tripod that can be adjusted from 25 to 48 inches.For stability and balance, the tripod features well-adjusted legs. It is simple to connect a hose to the input of the sprinkler to handle  additional tasks or water spots the sprinkler cannot normally reach.

Aspects to Consider when Buying a Tripod Sprinkler

Here are some factors to think about when deciding which tripod sprinkler to purchase in order to choose the best one which suits your needs.


Your tripod sprinkler must be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear of frequent use. As a tripod sprinkler, it must keep the garden in decent shape and condition, and other things. Premium materials should be used for construction to make sure the tripod sprinkler does not fracture or fail.

You must consider that buying any tool is an investment that cannot be changed very often, and tripod sprinklers are not an exception.A sprinkler product and its components should last long enough to be used for a long period of time.

Ease of Use

Tripod sprinklers are available in a variety of sizes to carry out a host of tasks, but that does not mean that manufacturers have to forgo usability. Now that the basic purpose of any device or tool is to make your life simpler, you must be be able to effectively control it in order achieve the best results.

The components and the core unit should be easy to modify and the functions be simple to understand in a few seconds.  It is recommended to know what  each component does instead of thinking how to do it properly.Furthermore, the assembly and disassembly procedures must be defined in a clear way so that everybody can understand them flawlessly. It is useless to have a bunch of functions if users do not know how to take advantage of  them properly.Any model must first get the basics correct before adding the extra features that enhance performance.


Your tripod sprinkler must have enough energy to guarantee that you do your tasks efficiently and as you get a lot of work to do, your device or unit must be up in order to offer a great performance. More power does not mean a better understanding. Actually, you must know how to control the degree of intensity needed depending on the different tasks you do.In consequence, your tool will be customizable when working on both small-scale and large-scale jobs.


The purpose of a tripod sprinkler system may be the most significant factor to consider when looking for the correct one.Once you know what you want your tripod sprinkler for, it will be easier to select the correct one that suits your needs. You may wonder if it is essential to water delicate flower with a sprinkler or if your sprinkler is intended for a large, irregularly shaped lawn.Taking into account these important factors, you can decide which features are essential to avoid splurging on things you won’t probably use or take advantage of.


Tripod sprinklers with sophisticated features can be a lot of fun. Some of them have motion-activated features, which annoy animals like deer or rabbits that want to destroy your vegetables and plants. Other tripod sprinklers can be set to function at predetermined intervals of time.Consider which features are relevant in order to choose the most accurate watering solution for you and your property.

Coverage and Bases

It is vital that you know the precise amount of square footage that is required to be irrigated.By lowering or prolonging the tripod base you can modify the amount of land covered by your tripod sprinkler system.To extend or lower the tripod sprinkler base with ease, choosing a version with a telescopic pole is the perfect choice. Also, identifying the demands of your lawn, the size of the area you want to irrigate, and the important features to keep in mind can help you save money. 

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