How to Mount a TV Outside on Siding

During summertime, it seems appropriate to install a television outside, especially if you want to watch your favourite tv series or football game while getting some vitamin D. For doing so, you may need a manual that can show you how to install an outdoor TV. Needless to say, you need to first choose the perfect spot where the television can be completely covered from the sun and rain. The process is not hard, all you have to do is be careful and follow the steps below.

Before you start your outdoor TV install (outdoor TV required)

Despite having an outdoor TV for the backyard may appear to be a wise decision, it is something that entails more than just purchasing a mounting bracket and installing it on the wall. You should take into account other aspects, among which, you will need to already know where the television is going to be installed, for example. It must be placed in a shaded spot where you can watch your favourite shows without being annoyed by the glare or sun rays. That’s why the location needs to be protected not only from the sun but also from the rain now that water, bright sun and electronics definitely are not a good mix.

Once you have a perfect spot where to install your tv, you must consider where your TV is going to be plugged and you also need to answer the following questions for having a successful installation.

Do you have an outdoor power outlet that you can utilize for this?

Are you willing to put an extension cord into one of the power outlets inside the house and bring it all the way outside and plug in your television?
If so, can you get the extension cord out of the way to avoid someone bumping into it.

Some people select the place where they install their outdoor TV depending on the proximity of an outdoor outlet for easily plugging it.

Before buying a mounting bracket for your television, you must make sure that it is compatible, or you’ll be dissatisfied and return it back as it does not fit in your television.

Materials & Tools Needed

As with any kind of installation you need tools. Here are some of them

  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Anchors
  • Brackets
  • Lag bolts

Certainly, the actions detailed below will be a useful guide for what you need to do.  These steps can be different depending on the type of wall material or other elements that may vary. Here below there are a host of steps to follow so that you can place a TV outside on your siding.

Step One: Choose a Mounting Bracket 

Marking the holes of the mounting brackets in the wall with a pencil or marker is the first step and next, you can proceed to drill the already marked holes.
To mount a TV, there are different mounting brackets on the market. Here you can check one of them if you are interested in buying one.

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Step Two: Installing Anchors 

Having marked and drilled the spots, it’s time to pound in the plastic anchors with a hammer. Here you must be quite careful, since more  force than needed may cause cracks in the wall, which would make you drill more holes.
It is crucial that you buy anchors to fix everything on the wall.

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Step Three: Install the Bracket

In the following step, what you must do is attach the bracket to the wall, and for doing so, you’ll need an open-end wrench to tighten the lag bolts.

This step may be different depending on the mounting bracket you pick, but some of the most lasting tv wall brackets use a bolt-mounting mechanism to make them stronger so that they can resist more weight. 

Step Four: Run Cables + Management 

Next, you should think about the setup of the cable you have. The majority of modern TVs are compatible with HDMI cable.

It is important to consider why and for what you watch tv now that people need a television for different purposes. For example, if the television you have is a smart TV, you can link it to your home network and use several video platforms such as Youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others. Take into account cable management and how you are going to connect them to your outdoor TV if you want to watch TV channels.

It is better to bring cables from the interior to the siding of the house and secure them. When bringing cables from the interior to the siding of the house, it is recommended to secure them, so you must take that into account.

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Step Five: Mount TV to Bracket

Now you must read the instructions of the mounting bracket so you can install it appropriately and you may also need a wrench to secure additional nuts and bolts depending on the type of bracket that you use.

Final Thoughts/Conclusion/Tips and Tricks

The steps explained above are easy to follow, but there are a few recommendations to give for making mounting simpler and ensuring that you get a robust setup that won’t cause any problems in the future

Making use of wall mount is a smart choice since you can modify the viewing angle, meaning that you won’t be limited in your viewing positions and you can walk around during the day if you want to watch TV outside.

You may consider buying a TV enclosure to protect and cover your television. Some of them  feature Ip ratings and those are the ones that you should buy.They may be available on some covers and those are the ones you need to choose

Unless you buy a TV made specifically for outdoor use, you may want to consider putting an old TV outside, meaning that you purchase a new television for your home and use the other one outdoors. So, in case something goes wrong, you won’t feel angry about losing a brand-new product.

If you use an HDMI cable, you should take into account that it was not made for lengthy connections. Then, if you want to run a cable longer than 10 meters you should use a CAT5/6 cable with an HDMI-to- CAT converter.

In conclusion, it is important to note that Mounting a TV outside on your siding is not that tough, but it might change depending on a number of factors, including the wall’s construction or the type of mounting bracket installed. The difficulty to installing a TV outdoors is not the mounting procedure itself, but the details of how you’ll get cords out of the way and keep the television safe.

Check out this YouTube video for more information on how to mount a TV outside on siding.

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