RedMax RZT48 Review

The RedMax RZT48 is a powerful residential mower that operates like a commercial-grade, professional mower. If you have a big property, or are simply looking to mow your lawn with a professional level of consistency so that your lawn looks as evenly cut as a commercial property, this is a fantastic mower for you.

This mower operates with high performance engines and 10-gage fabricated decks, a heavy form of steel that is most commonly used in commercial mowers, so you can be sure this machine will last you a lifetime of mowing.

The RedMax RZT48 features a number of different cutting methods including mulch, collect, and side discharge so you can customize how you distribute the leftover grass clippings as you mow.

With an 18-inch high-back seat designed to maximize comfort, you can comfortably sit on this mower for long periods of time without getting a back ache.

This mower has a cutting width of 48 inches, with three blades that function with an electric clutch. Another great aspect of this mower is that the engine in this mower is manufactured by Kawasaki, a long-trusted Japanese engine manufacturer. Japanese made motors have long been considered the most reliable and long lasting engine brands for cars and lawn mowers alike.

The volume of the fuel tank in the RedMax RZT48 is 3.5 gallons. The total weight of this mower is 592 pounds.

RedMax RZT48 Features

  • Residential mower with the power and capability of a commercial-grade professional unit.
  • High performance engine.
  • Engine manufactured by Kawasaki, one of the most trusted and reliable brands on the market.
  • 10-gage fabricated decks to ensure maximum durability and flawless year-over-year use.
  • Features different cutting methods such as collect, mulch, and side discharge to customize the distribution/collection of grass clippings.
  • 18-inch high back seat to provide ultimate support and comfort for long jobs.
  • Cutting width of 48 inches.
  • Three blades that function with an electric clutch.
  • Fuel tank with a volume of 3.5 gallons.
  • Total weight of 592 pounds.

RedMax RZT48 Specs

  • Transmission manufactured by: Hydro-Gear
  • Transmission Model: ZT-2200.
  • Fan cooled pumps.
  • Base length of 75 inches.
  • Base height of 40 inches.
  • Base weight of 592 lbs.
  • 3.5 gallon fuel tank.
  • Full pressure fuel tank with oil filter.
  • 2 cylinders.
  • Fuel tank on the side.

RedMax RZT48 Reviews

I bought this mower because I have a big property that I take pride in maintaining, and only wanted to spend the money on a lawn mower one time and get something reliable that would not only last me, but give me the commercial-level quality results I wanted. I realized today that I bought this mower exactly a year ago, and it’s still operating like brand new. Works exactly the same as the first day I had it, and even still I’m always impressed with the results. After giving my property a good cut I can’t take my eyes off it! This mower has been indispensable for the maintenance of my property, it’s comfortable and easy to ride, and you can’t argue with the results. Invest in this mower once and you won’t regret it.
Danny Leider

8 Total Score
A powerful residential mower that operates like commercial-grade.

The RedMax RZT48 is a powerful residential mower that operates like a commercial-grade, professional mower.

  • Kawasaki Engine
  • 10-gage fabricated decks
  • Gas tank on the small side
User Rating: 3.38 (50 votes)

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