Best Backpack Leaf Blower

Weather you’re a professional landscaper, have a large property to manage, or are simply a home owner looking to maintain your yard, a backpack leaf blower is an indispensable piece of landscaping equipment to own. Backpack leaf blowers come in all different prices, and each come equipped with different motors and technologies. So what’s the best backpack blower for you?

We’ve done the research for you so you can easily find the best backpack blower for your unique needs. Keep reading to find the right leaf blower for you!

Best backpack leaf blower under 300

Troy-Blit TB4BP Backpack Blower

The Troy-Blit is a powerful and affordable gas backpack leaf blower that can reach up to 150 mph air speed, more than sufficient for moving large piles of landscaping debris and leaves. This machine packs a serious punch with up to 500 CFM in air volume.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology

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This backpack style blower comes equipped with a padded hip belt to displace weight evenly across the body, and a fully-tensioned multi-material suspension system,making it an extremely comfortable piece of equipment.

The long flex tube on this leaf blower allows you to reach areas that are normally more difficult to access, such as under lawn fixtures. And at just over $200, this backpack leaf blower is a great long term investment that doesn’t break the bank.


  • Built with a long, flexible tube design that can easily reach under or around objects like lawn fixtures and AC systems.
  • Economical pricing.
  • Comes with a fully-tensioned multi-material suspension system for maximum comfort.
  • Includes a padded hip belt that evenly distributes weight and makes for a comfortable experience.
  • Reaches up to 500 CFM in air volume.
  • Can reach air speeds of up to 150 MPH.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • Easy piece of equipment to use.

What customers are saying

I was somewhat skeptical at first after seeing some negative reviews, but after looking around this seemed like it was the best option for the price. I don’t know what all the negative press is about! This leaf blower has worked great for me so far. It always starts right away, on the first if not second pull. You have to familiarize yourself a little bit with this blower, but once you do, I couldn’t imagine a better blower. I would recommend this blower to anybody. Five stars!
Raymond P.

Best backpack leaf blower under 200

Poulan Pro Backpack Leaf Blower

If you’re looking for a backpack blower that comes at an extremely low price point without compromising much on quality, this may be the right option for you. The Poulan Pro comes packed with a 48CC 2-stroke engine that can reach speeds up to an impressive 200 mph, with a CFM of 475. This will allow you to manage even the heaviest of lawn debris and virtually any quantity of leaves.

Poulan Pro PR48BT, 48cc 2-Cycle Gas 475 CFM 200 MPH Backpack Leaf Blower

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The heavy duty, solidly built frame of this leaf blower also means that it has a very long lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about upgrading every few years. With adjustable and padded shoulder straps, this backpack blower offers a comfortable experience for longer jobs. The Poulan Pro even comes with a cruise control option so you can just sit back and let the machine do its job.


  • Sturdily built out of industrial grade materials.
  • Built with a 48CC 2-stroke engine.
  • Packs a punch with wind speeds that can reach up to 200 MPH
  • The air volume on this machine is 475 CFM.
  • Comes with comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Very economical pricing without compromising on quality.

What customers are saying

I can’t believe how powerful this blower is for the price! I swear it has more power than some of the blowers that are 100 dollars more expensive. It doesn’t come with hip straps like my last blower, but I really don’t mind. It’s still comfortable. Cruise control option is great. I’ve seen some reviews where people said it died or wouldn’t work, but that’s because if you know anything about 2-cycle engines, then you know this blower needs a 50 to 1 mix ratio. The premix gas that you can find at your local hardware store is perfect. I’d recommend buying it there instead of mixing it yourself. I did and I’m super happy with this blower! It’s got some serious power.
Scott Valdez.

Best commercial backpack leaf blower

If you’re looking for a backpack leaf blower from a highly reliable, time-tested, widely beloved brand, this is the product for you. While this leaf blower may cost a little more than some of the others on the list, there’s a reason why Echo leaf blowers and landscaping products in general are so popular.

Backpack Blower, Gas, 756 CFM, 234 MPH

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This leaf blower maxes out at a very impressive 243 MPH air speed, with a sky high air volume of 756 CFM, making this leaf blower extremely powerful. There’s virtually no lawn debris that this machine can’t handle with its air speed and volume.

This leaf blower is made with a 2-stroke engine with a speed control variable. The capacity of this machine’s fuel tank is 68.3 ounces. On top of everything, this leaf blower is extremely comfortable to wear and easy to use. You shouldn’t need more than one or two pulls to kick this leaf blower into action.


  • Highly durable, reliable, and long lasting machine.
  • Comes from a reliable, time tested brand.
  • Powerful air volume of 756 CFM.
  • Impressive air speed of up to 243 MPH.
  • Fuel tank capacity of 68.3 ounces.
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • Starts easily with one or two pulls.
  • Built with a 2-stroke engine with a speed control variable.

What customers are saying

I absolutely love love LOVE this machine. It was so easy to put together, and it was immediately obvious how high quality it was. Legitimately started on the very first pull. Once this thing gets going, it goes! Super powerful machine that just annihilates leaves and garden debris. I was on the fence between buying this and a Stihl brand, and I’m very glad I went with this one. It was less expensive, and honestly it’s hard to imagine how this leaf blower could be any better than it already is. I would highly recommend buying this leaf blower if lawn maintenance is important to you.
Jonathan K.

Best gas backpack leaf blower

Makita MM4 Backpack Blower

If you’re looking for the absolute top of the line gas backpack leaf blower, the Makita is the right machine for you. This super powerful blower is masterfully constructed with a cleaner burning 75.6CC, commercial-grade, 4-stroke engine that requires no fuel mixing, and sounds surprisingly quiet during operation.

Makita EB7650TH 75.6 cc MM4 Backpack Blower

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While this machine maxes out at a slightly smaller air speed of 200 MPH compared to the Echo brand blower, its 4-stroke engine makes this leaf blower more fuel efficient and cleaner burning than any competing 2-stroke engine you will find on the market. The maximum air volume of this unit is 670 CFM.

Due to this blower’s mechanical automatic engine decompression, starting it on the first or second pull is never a problem. This blower also features a heavy duty anti-vibration mount that rests between its frame and engine so you can use this machine very comfortably. And with a compact weight of 24.1 pounds, this blower is light and easy on the back.

This blower is perfect for any serious professional looking for top of the line equipment that will last a lifetime.


  • Built with a cleaner burning 75.6CC, commercial-grade, 4-stroke engine.
  • Doesn’t require fuel mixing.
  • Operates very quietly.
  • Maximum air speed of 200 MPH.
  • Maximum air volume of 670 CFM.
  • Uses automatic engine decompression to start on the first or second pull every time.
  • Utilizes a heavy duty anti-vibration mount between the frame and engine to enhance comfort.
  • Light and compact with a weight of 24.1 pounds.
  • Top of the line piece of equipment.

What customers are saying

Amazing! This thing runs super smooth, is seriously powerful, and perhaps best of all, no more mixing gasoline and oil! One of my favourite features afforded to this blower due to its 4-stroke engine. My only wish is that I bought a 4-stroke engine much sooner. This thing is light for a 4-stroke, but obviously more heavy than any 2-stroke motor blower. Still, it isn’t unmanageable. I’ve used this thing on everything from leaves to snow and it’s always performed excellently. This blower has definitely made life much easier, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a big property, or anyone looking to do commercial jobs. Two thumbs up!
Kerry Rodgers.

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