Husqvarna YTH18K46 Review

Finding a good lawnmower is always challenging. You need to keep a lot of stuff in mind when it comes to investing in a mower. First, you should know the type and the size of the terrain that you want to mow. Knowing your environmental conditions will guide you towards an option that does a clean job whichever kind of yard you own.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you look for a brand with a good reputation. This will make the difference because you’ll know you can rely on their product. For instance, in this article, we’ll show you one of the best-rated lawn mowers in the market from one of the most well-known brands. We’re talking about no other than the Husqvarna YTH18K46 Lawn Tractor.

Husqvarna YTH18K46 46" Lawn Tractor 18hp Kawasaki V-Twin #960430218

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as of December 1, 2022 8:00 am

This mower is powered by the best quality 18 HP Kawasaki engine. This motor creates a fully hydrostatic transmission and cruise control which allows not only for a smooth cut but also for an immediate start on every use. This means good news for you as you won’t get tired trying to turn it on at all so you can focus your energy on mowing your grass.

Don’t fool yourself though, despite giving smooth and even cuts the Husqvarna YTH18K46 is one of the most powerful mowers ever made. This model can tackle any hard, uneven, and hilly terrain. It features a wider cutting width with a maximum cutting height of 101 mm and even has a mulching function. You won’t even have to make an extra effort to get all of your yard nice and tidy.

The YTH18K46 is such a good mower that it’s been designed for your convenience and comfort. Its Kawasaki motor delivers great performance along with a very low noise level. Your ears and neighbours will thank you for purchasing such a thoughtful lawnmower. Additionally, this Husqvarna features an easy to clean system and has a comfortable and ergonomic seat with immediate access to all of the controls. Because there’s no need for your back to suffer while mowing, right?

Lastly, you should know that the Husqvarna YTH18K46 Tractor is so easy to maneuver that it has a convenient 40.6 cm turn radius. Besides, it comes with a blade brake so that you don’t need to cut off the engine to stop the rotation of the blades. You can also view another review of a different Husqvarna here.

Husqvarna YTH18K46 46" Lawn Tractor 18hp Kawasaki V-Twin #960430218

 out of stock
as of December 1, 2022 8:00 am


  • 18HP/603cc Kawasaki FR600V V-Twin OHV 4-Cycle Engine
  • Pedal Operated Tuff-Torq K46 Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Starting System12-Volt Key Start
  • Air Induction Mowing Technology
  • Smooth power output
  • Quieter operation
  • Outstanding durability
  • Easy speed and direction control
  • 16-inch turning radius
  • 46-Inch Reinforced Stamped Steel Mower Deck
  • Reinforced Stamped Deck Construction
  • 6 Position Deck
  • Reinforced with 14-gauge welded steel tubing
  • 2 mower blades with sealed mandrels
  • 2 deck gauge wheels
  • Blade engagement lever
  • Deck washout port
  • 15-Inch Hi-Back Ergonomic Seat
  • Battery Included
  • Headlights
  • Cupholder
  • Cruise control
  • Fuel Tank Size: 2.5 Gallons
  • Oil Filter
  • 3-in-1 function (Side-Discharge/Bag/Mulch)
  • Cutting Width: 46 Inches
  • Cutting Height: 1.5-4.0 Inches
  • Deck Lift System: Manual
  • Rear Wheels Drive
  • Variable Speeds
  • Maximum Speed: 5.2 MPH
  • Weight: 440 Pounds
  • Length: 69.25 Inches
  • Height: 42.0 Inches
  • Width: 49.0 up/56.5 down Inches
  • Engine Warranty: 3 Years
  • Mower deck warranty: 10 years

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9.5 Total Score
Best mower for hilly terrains

The Husqvarna YTH18K46 is definitely the mower you want for tackling difficult terrains with little to no effort at all.

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