Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer Review

Weeds growing in your beloved garden are as annoying as they can be. With the arrival of spring not only do flowers, trees, and green grass sprout and start blossoming but also unwanted weeds start invading your lawn. Crabgrass in particular can get very frustrating to deal with during this season, fortunately for you, in this article, we’ll present you a solution for dealing with these annual uninvited guests.

Initial Considerations

First of all, you should know why your lawn is getting so much crabgrass, the more you get to understand the problem the better, right? Crabgrass is an annual harmless weed that tends to germinate during spring and the beginning of summer when the soil reaches temperatures between 55° and 65°F at a 3″ depth for 5 consecutive days. These sprouts prefer growing on sandy, compacted terrains where the grass is more weakened and thinner. Besides, weeds like crabgrass like it when your lawn has excess water and phosphorus levels which as you know, happens during the first weeks of spring when snow is starting to melt.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that ungerminated seeds can wait in the soil for up to thirty years before sprouting! A single crabgrass plant can produce up to 150,000 seeds during the growing season. No wonder why controlling them gets so difficult.

Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer

To keep your lawn looking luscious you should apply a preventer some weeks before it’s forecasted to rain. Here’s why we present the Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer and Lawn Fertilizer which controls crabgrass before it starts to grow.

This preventer is so effective that it works simultaneously in two ways: The first one is by forming a protective barrier on the soil that doesn’t allow crabgrass and other weeds to grow. The second one, on the other hand, is by redirecting nutrients and water to your lawn promoting that it grows thick and green. Once you apply it at a rate of 2,9 lb. per 1,000 sq ft, the Vigoro Crabgrass preventer will guarantee up to 4 months of weeds control even to the first tillering stage due to its time-released nitrogen formula.

Additionally, this product will not only leave your lawn free from unwanted weeds but will also make it greener in just 72 hours! Its extended feeding also covers this aspect in the long term so you can be sure your grass will keep growing thick and green as it should. And, as if it wasn’t enough you won’t need to worry about stains because this preventer comes with a non-staining formula.

Finally, keep in mind that the Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer has an authorized rate of 2 applications per year. Also always read the directions for use and recommendations for the application so that you get the best of the product and also keep your grass, your family, and yourself safe.

Additionally, you can watch this YouTube video for more info!

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Best option for handling unwanted crabgrass

The Vigoro Crabgrass Preventer works simultaneously by redirecting nutrients and water to your lawn while also forming a protective barrier on the soil that doesn’t allow crabgrass and other weeds to grow.

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