RedMax HB281 Review

RedMax HB281 Review


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RedMax HB281 Review
RedMax HB281 Review
Great power for a handheld
Commercial grade durability
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This is one of the more cost effective units on the market, and comes from the most trusted brand in the industry for leaf blowers. The reason for this price is that this blower isn’t a backpack model, but instead a handheld gas powered blower. Despite being a handheld blower, the HB281 is a powerful high performing unit that can be used on commercial jobs.

The engine on this leaf blower is 28.0cc with 1.1 horsepower, and maxes out at an air spreed of 170 mph. Naturally, this is slower than other backpack RedMax models, but still packs enough of a punch to move most debris ranging from lightweight, dry leaves, to most compact sand. This means that operators can clean their properties quickly and with minimal effort.

Redmax Handheld Leaf Blower 28cc 170 mph HB281

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This leaf blower is also cordless, making it much easier to transport and use. With its lightweight frame, his leaf blower weighs in at only 9.4 lbs. The air filter on this unit is also removable, making it easy to clean or replace after years of use to ensure this blower always functions like new.

All in all, this is easily one of the best handheld leaf blowers you can find on the market. Weather you’re looking to clear leaves off your lawn and driveway, or debris off your deck, the RedMax HB281 is a fantastic choice that comes at a great price. You can also buy this product with an additional gutter cleaning kit.

RedMax HB281 Features

  • Extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Maximum air speed of 170 mph
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Removable air filter, making it easy to clean and replace.
  • Size of 14.9 inches.
  • Weighs in at 9.4 lbs.
  • 1.1 horsepower engine.
  • Cordless.
  • Gas powered.

RedMax HB281 Specs

  • Fuel tank volume of 16. 9 fluid ounces.
  • Weight of 9.4 pounds.
  • 1.1 horsepower engine.
  • Airflow in pipe of 425 cfm. 
  • 28.0cc engine
  • Length of 14.9 inches
  • Cylinder displacement of 28 cm
  • Fuel tank volume of 18.5 fl oz
  • fuel consumption of 575 g/kWh

Check out this quick video of the HB281 in action from Isaiah’s Lawn Care’s YouTube channel:

RedMax HB281 Review

I bought this blower rather than a backpack version somewhat apprehensively as the backpack blowers are really cool, but for my sized yard I really don’t need it. In the end I’m glad I went with this one! It’s way easier to store, and for a handheld blower, it’s very surprisingly powerful. I also love the fact that you have the option of easily cleaning or replacing the air filter. To me that says that in 5 – 10 years I won’t need to spend more money on a new machine, just a new filter. And honestly, this thing has some serious power to it! Harder than some backpack blowers I’ve used too. Highly recommended for those just looking to maintain their own properties!
Deborah M.

8.5 Total Score
RedMax HB281 Review

Despite being a handheld blower, the HB281 is a powerful high performing unit that can be used on smaller commercial jobs.

  • Great power for a handheld
  • Commercial grade durability
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