Powersmart DB7624E Review

The Powersmart DB7624E is a powerful, high quality snow blower that can clear the toughest driveways with ease, yet comes at a much more economic price than a premium brand. With its a 212cc, two-stage gas motor, this snow blower comes stocked with the necessary muscle and added features to plow through difficult snow, no matter how high.

PowerSmart DB7624E 24 in. 212cc 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

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Start this snow blower with an electric start button, or by giving its pull cord a light tug. Once it gets going, you can take advantage of its four forward speeds and two reverse speeds, so you can get the job done quickly and throughly.

Use this blower to clear a pathway of 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep. And since the Powersmart DB7624E has a snow throwing capacity of up to 40 feet away, you can easily clear your entire yard or driveway of snow, and shoot it far from where the snowplows will push it back on your property. This is made even easier to accomplish with a shoot on this machine that can turn a full 180° for ultimate control.

This model also comes with 12 inch, all-steel augers to eat through thick snow and ice that’s caked onto your driveway in seconds. And with 13 inch inflatable tires and thick tread, you can confidently take this snow blower anywhere.

Powersmart DB7624E Features

  • Rust resistant exterior.
  • Safety override.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • National service network for customer service.
  • 12 inch, all steel augurs.
  • 13 inch inflatable tires.
  • Shoot can turn a full 180°.
  • Clears a path of 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep.
  • Throws snow 40 feet way.
  • Electric start button.
  • Four forward speeds and two
  • reverse speeds.

Powersmart DB7624E Specs

  • 212cc engine.
  • Two-stage gas motor.
  • 180 lbs.
  • 51 x 39 x 24 inch.
  • Gas powered.
  • Manufactured by Amerisun.

Check out this review of the DB7624E by PowerSmart!

Powersmart DB7624E Reviews

Went together super easy, and since then it’s been a breeze to use. Started right up on the second pull, ran it through some tough ice that fell off my roof and it ate it up. This thing runs great, idles perfectly, has a ton of power. All in all I’m super happy with my purchase, and this thing is easily worth what you pay for it. I can tell this machine is going to last too, which is good because you really shouldn’t have to buy these things more than once. If you’re looking for a reliable blower for bad snow seasons, this is it.
Fred Rolsko.

8.5 Total Score
Powerful and effective snow blower at an amazing price

This snowblower is powerful enough to clear even the most difficult snow conditions, yet comes at a more affordable price than its competitors.

  • Can clear a pathway of 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep.
  • Shoot can turn a full 180°.
  • 12 inch, all-steel augers.
  • Powerful 212cc motor.
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