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Wondering whether or not to purchase the king of spades shovel? This review may help you! Not only will you learn how to purchase the right shovel, but also all there is for you to know regarding the king of spades shovels based on many of the reviews we examined online! 

It’s always exciting to come across new and unusual tools, especially when they appear to be well-made and long-lasting. When coming across the king of spades shovels, there’s just so much to it that makes you know you’ve purchased the right tool. 

The American Garden Tool Company, a New Jersey-based company that has been producing high-quality, all-steel tools for the past 43 years or so. The American Garden Tool Co. (AGT. Co.) sells the tools, which are actually made by W.W. Manufacturing Co. Stefanie Modri is the granddaughter of Walter Lesche, the founder of W.W.Mfg in the 1960s, and she controls the company with her husband Ryan. This is just a quick overview of who is behind the king of spades shovels. 

Here’s a quick review and look at the King of Spades shovel.

King of Spades Diamond Point Spade

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Customer Reviews Summarized

Because most people typically use wooden (and some fiberglass) handled tools, an all-metal spade is a bit of a novelty for them, and the first thing you’ll notice when you unpack her is that she is cold. Ok, it is not going to be so cold that your hand may hurt, but it will be cold enough that you’ll consider wearing gloves.

For those that haven’t tried it yet, are already eager to see how hot she gets when exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. She has a wonderful red powder coat that is pretty, however it has peeled off in areas after a little digging..

Her tool has a large grip and is nicely balanced and maneuverable. This is their lighter spade, weighing in at 5 pounds and half a pound less than the plastic-handled spade displayed. Perhaps the most significant advantage of airplane steel is its minimal weight. Heat treatment adds to the King of spade’s shovel longevity and strength.

The blade is 12 inches long, which is longer than typical digging spades, and it is straight rather than curled like other spades’ blades (Clarington Forge, Dewit, etc). It will be reasonably sharp when it arrives, and you will have to sharpen it. 

One footpad is included with every AGT. Co. spade, and a second can be purchased for $7.50. That may appear to be a high price to pay, but these cushions are a favorite element of the shovel. They make an already good tool truly stand. Most customers were pleasantly impressed at how solidly these bits of rubber mounted on steel and connected to the blade with two steel bolts link to the blade. 

Most of the spades with the plastic handle have no footpad at all, and with that being said there is a high assurance that these pads make a significant difference in the tool’s power, simplicity of use, and safety. With these pads, many customers are able to dig barefoot!

According to multiple reviews from customers who use the shovel to get various tasks done such as “I’ve dug and transplanted comfrey root, goldenrod (which has tough, heavily matted roots), and two plum trees that needed to be moved, and the spade has functioned admirably”. Therefore, it can’t be imagined that this tool would ever break while doing the job it was designed for.


The Ultra Light is comparable to other higher-end digging spades, such as those from Clarington Forge, for $85 before delivery. For the sake of comparison, the Forged Spade seen above costs $35. Although AGT. Co.’s spade comes without a warranty, unlike Clarington’s lifetime guarantee, the fact that it is created in the United States may be a selling point for some.

There are only a few landscaping equipments that most homeowners will ever require. The most important tool is a sturdy shovel. However, not all shovels are created equal. Choosing the correct shovel and making sure it’s of good quality might mean the difference between a productive day and a day of inefficiency.

King of Spades DHV-PT-R

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How to Pick the Best Shovel

So, how do you know which shovel to buy? Of course, there are some awesome tips for you to try which we’ve gone into detail in this section of our review! 

The Different Types

There are many different shovels available, but just three are essential for all DIY homeowners: the round-point digging shovel, the square-point transfer shovel, and the garden spade. (Snow shovels are not included.) They’re just as superfluous in Florida as they are in Maine, and they’re deserving of their own article). Another essential consideration is whether to use a long handle or a shorter D-handle, which can make a significant difference in a convenience store.

The Multi-Use Shovel

The long-handled round point shovel is the most common and adaptable shovel. It’s the shovel of choice for general digging in both compacted and loose soils. It does its own work and, in a pinch, can execute the functions of the other two on this list satisfactorily. In most circumstances, the round point shovel should be the first shovel you purchase and the one you use for all landscaping tasks.

The Upper Cleaner

The square point shovel excels at two distinct tasks. The name “transfer shovel” comes from the fact that it is the ideal tool for moving a pile of loose material. It can hold a lot more material than a round point shovel because of the square tip. This shovel is also ideal for removing soil spills from paved surfaces due to its flat head.

The Barber

The garden spade is an excellent digger, but its narrow blade makes it especially handy in compact spaces, where the sharp edge can cut through thick roots. It can be used to move perennials, trees, and shrubs from one location to another. It’s also well-suited to keeping clean bed margins, which is why it’s sometimes known as a “border spade.”


Round point and transfer shovels typically have long handles, while garden spades typically have a D-handle. The long handle has the advantage of keeping the user in a more upright position, which is more comfortable and favorable to working outside. D-handles are in handy when working in tight spaces or requiring precision. These three varieties of shovels are available with either a long or a D-handle.

How to Pick the Best Shovel?

It’s all about quality.

When purchasing shovels, serious DIYers should look for quality. Heavy-gauge (thicker) tempered metal is extremely tough and long-lasting. Both synthetic and wood handles are nice, however if you prefer wood, look closely at the wood handles. The growth rings should face the sides, not the working plane, for long-term strength.

Take Care of it

You’ll want to make a decent shovel last after spending $30, $40, or more on it. When not in use, the simplest method to maintain its life is to keep it clean and dry: spray it off and store it away from the elements (including direct sunlight). Give it a yearly care treatment to ensure extended life: sharpen the working edge with a file. To condition the wood, lightly sand the handles and rub them with tung oil. With a little caution and the proper tool for the job, you will have a positive experience.

King of Spades KSS15

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