Husqvarna MZT61 Review

Husqvarna has always been a manufacturer that creates versatile products that are decent at pretty much everything. But, with the M-ZT61, the company has given us not only of the best lawn mowers you’ll ever see but something that is comfortable, efficient, and a joy to use.

Husqvarna MZT61 Zero Turn 61" Lawn Mower 23HP Kawasaki ZT3400 Fab Deck

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The first thing worth mentioning would be the Kawasaki engine that’s one of the best engines out there for a reliable experience. The 25 hp motor ensures that the mower has the power needed for all types of jobs.

When it comes to comfort, there’s not much to beat the ZT61. It starts off with a Roll Over Protection System which is foldable and fully adjustable for areas with low-hanging branches to protect the driver. The mower uses a convenient seat slide with spring suspension with comfortable foam grips to adjust the levers however you want. Finally, the mower uses thick cushions and EVC in the seat to provide the most extreme amount of comfort possible. It’s not only comfortable to sit on, but it also dampens the vibrations from the mowers to make sure you can use the mower for extended periods of time.

Another cool factor that makes the ZT61 our personal favorite is the zero-turn steering system. The hydraulic wheel drive doesn’t just allow the operator precise and easy maneuvering by letting the mower rotate around its own axis without having to take a full turn.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what sort of lawn you need to mow, the ZT61 is a flexible product that is a little expensive, but with the durability factor it provides, coupled with the premium engine and comfort factor, all this makes the ZT61 one of the best mowers you could get your hands on.

9.5 Total Score

  • Kawasaki motor
  • 25 hp motor
  • Comfortable
  • ROPS for added safety protocols
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Fairly expensive
User Rating: 4 (2 votes)

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