Gardena Auto Hose Reel Review

Having different lengths, this top-quality and easy to use the Gardena Auto Hose Reel is ready for your lawn sprinkler and gardening tasks, especially when it comes to watering. When you are done and do not need to use it, just press the retraction button and it will roll up safely without worrying about bending, or breaking it. It swivels 180 degrees, rotating in the direction you  pull from. The most enjoyable characteristic of this product is that it is easy to disconnect, which allows to quickly change the hose to another hydrant and also a little pull is enough to make it roll back in. Despite being composed of plastic, the Gardena retractable hose reel seems solid and appropriate for heavy-duty tasks as its mechanics give the impression of a long-lasting product. Pair it with a flexible hose and a Gardena brand sprinkler like the ZoomMaxx for the perfect watering solution.

Compared to other water hose reels, the Gardena retractable hose reel is a premium product and a little costly. Despite its cost, it can be a perfect time saver now that it can save you at least 10 minutes when it comes to rolling it up.

Gardena Wall Mounted Retractable Hose Reel, 115 feet, Black and Turquoise

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The delivery is quite fast because it normally arrives the next day you order it and the package is quite good. When receiving the product, you can observe that it is slightly larger than anticipated, but thankfully they are lightweight enough to bring everywhere you go.

Who should buy it?

There are some old hoses that seem to be artistically attractive, handcrafted, and pretty, but the problem is that they do not feature frost or heat resistance. So, they can be easily twisted and tangled, which makes it hard to straighten the hose. On the other hand, the Gardena retractable hose reel, like others, folds up neatly, and according to some reviews from customers, after six months of using it on a daily basis, it has never twisted and it is easy to use because pushing a button is more than enough to untangle it, making everything easier and comfortable

Gardena Comfort 82' Wall Mounted Retractable Swivel Garden Hose Reel Box 2 Pack

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Unlike other reels, which after one year of continuous use they begin to leak from the connector, the Gardena, according to experiences from users over the internet ,it will not leak, meaning that the product is made to be durable. When purchased, it  includes all the parts needed to easily  place it on your wall and anyone can quickly do it. However if you live in a colder weather than California, you should grab it and hold it indoors so that it does not freeze and. It is not too weighty 

One minor issue that may be problematic, which you should take into account is that you must use some more pressure than normal while tugging the hose. However, that may be something serious for some and not for others who might like the sensation of the pressure. It provides the mechanics a sturdy feel and reflects an excellent material quality. Ultimately, if you live either in a cold climate or hot and want a hose for your humble garden or big farm, it is highly suggested that you purchase the Gardena box.

GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 82-Feet With Convenient Hose Guide

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Sizes of the Gardena Auto Reel Hose

On Amazon, the Auto Gardena Reel Hose is available in 7 different lengths, 49.5, 50, 66, 82, 83, 100, and 115. Each of them includes a wall bracket to easily install it on your wall. Despite being a good quality product, the best you can do is to buy another Gardena hose given the case that one of them fails, so you make sure that you can always use this top-quality product.


All in all, this reel hose is pretty useful depending on the size of your garden, either if it is small or one, it can perfectly work because there is a wide variety of lengths, from  49.5 to 115 feet. Moreover this reel hose is easy to use due to the fact that you can easily roll it up and fold it, making this product a great choice to consider. So, you can definitely go for it.

Check out this YouTube video for more information about the Gardena Auto Reel Hose.

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Having different lengths, this top-quality and easy to use the Gardena Auto Hose Reel is ready for your gardening tasks, especially when it comes to watering.

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