Echo PB251 Review

If you’re in the market for a decent leaf blower, there’s no better vendor than Echo. They have a long line of premium quality leaf blowers that are pretty much the best in the market. The PB251 by Echo is just more of the same. It’s a high-end leaf blower with a powerful engine that is extremely efficient at what it’s supposed to do.

Echo PB-251 Handheld Blower

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Starting off with the motor, you’re getting a 2-stroke 25.4 cc engine which is pretty standard for modern-day air blowers. It does add quite a bit to the weight of the PB251, but still, we really like the engine, nonetheless. It comes with Echo’s Power Boost Vortex technology which improves combustion and adds a fair bit of performance to the blower while increasing fuel efficiency too. The PB251 owes a lot of its success to the Power Boost Vortex Tech.

It also comes with an Easy Start system that can instantly turn on your blower without having to use a pull ignition system; letting you save quite a bit of effort and time.

The air-filtration system loaded into the PB251 is also a thing of beauty. It keeps the blower clean even in dusty environments and makes sure no part of the machinery is affected by the excess dust. Due to this, you’re adding a fair bit of life to your blower’s existence. Moreover, even if you do break or abuse your PB251, Echo provides a 5-year domestic and 2-year commercial warranty. The manufacturer wants to make sure that you’re purchasing a blower that is worth the price you’re paying.

Overall, the PB251 is a great product from Echo. It’s a reliable leaf blower and even if it’s expensive, it’s worth it just due to the amount of time it’ll survive in your hands.

9.5 Total Score

  • Powerful engine
  • Comes with Power Boost Vortex technology
  • Fuel efficient
  • Improved combustion
  • Easy Start system
  • Domestic and Commercial warranty
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