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So, many of you have trimmed a lot of topiary plants throughout the years and some even have a nice variety at home. With this in mind, we decided to do a review on the finest topiary shear.

Personally, we believe that a pair of topiary shears should be lightweight so you can carry them around with ease and use them with one hand if possible. This is because it makes it easier to turn pots as you cut. Obviously, they must be sharp, but also easy to sharpen and pleasant in the grip.

After spending a whole lot of time using different types of shears and blades, We personally believe that when it comes to determining the best topiary scissors for the job, you need to define the job. 

In this post, we’ll go over the best tools for different pruning jobs. 


Bypass secateurs are great all-purpose pruners and cutters. Cut fragile stems up to a pencil’s thickness with ease. Anvil secateurs (which have a blade that cuts across a flat surface) crush as well as cut, thus they’re excellent for woody stems.

Kings County

Kings County Tools Grass and Topiary Shears | Classic 6” Spring Blades | Razor Sharp | Rubberized Grips on Plastic...

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Sharp king county blades with rubberized grips, locking mechanism, and blade tip cap which makes it heavier than a hedge trimmer. This instrument can effortlessly cut a single blade of fountain grass as well as whole clusters of geraniums. They shape attractive hedges faster and easier than hand snips but won’t work on mature branches thicker than pencil led.

The tool is great for edging and trimming because of its unique ergonomic designs. They may appear awkward or unwieldy, but they are easy to use and their weight is not an issue. These superb utility shears have a well-designed pivot point.

Pruning Saw

Pruning saws can handle branches up to 5cm thick. In many cases, the teeth are coarsely angled and cut on both the push and pull strokes. Use larger bow-saws for larger branches and trunks.

Pruner with a Long Reach

Pruners with a long reach are similar to secateurs on a long pole. The other end of a rope or lever is pulled to operate them. They’re suitable for cutting woody branches up to 3cm thick on tall trees or large shrubs on a regular basis.

Spear Jackson Razorsharp

Spear & Jackson Compact Topiary Shears Red, Red & Black (4755TS)

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It’s no surprise that gardeners all around the world trust Spear and Jackson’s high-quality goods and heritage.

The ingenuity and ergonomic ideas that go into production Spear & Jackson represent this philosophy through and through. The brown and blue handles make these accurate, well-built and stylish shears stand out. But, as any experienced gardener will tell you, aesthetics alone don’t cut it.

Spear & Jackson’s Advantage shears include high carbon steel blades that are harder and sharper. The maker chose soft-feel handles for a pleasant and sure grip to offer maximum user comfort.

Hand Shears

These shears with a short handle are ideal for trimming hedges, box edging, and topiary, and can cut stems up to the thickness of a pencil. For tall hedges, some feature extendable handles.

Garden Essential

Garden Essentials Burgon & Ball National Trust Carbon Topiary Shears Trimmer Pruners | Hand Shears Hand Forged in UK Anti...

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Style and quality of garden essential of National Trust topiary shear are worth your time.

The attention to design detail results in garden equipment that are strong and durable, making gardening easier for everyone. This garden essential’s high-carbon steel is carefully hardened and tempered for optimal longevity and edge retention.

The blades are doubly hollow-ground, so only the blade edges make contact as they close, reducing friction and facilitating blade edge maintenance. To ensure the best plant health, the blades are fine ground to a smooth edge (box).


Barnel USA P3333 Topiary and Grass Shear with Sheath, 11-3/4-Inch, Red and White

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The Barnel topiary and grass shear with sheath has unsurpassed features and benefits. Their steel blades start with rare metals and are hardened using cutting-edge technology. The convenience of Barnel shears is evident in features like deep sap grooves and comfortable handles. Its 0.5 pound weight and non-stick blades and anvils make cleaning a breeze.

Grass Shears

Sheep Shear Alpaca Shears R Shaped Design for Large Thick-Haired Animal Grooming (Black)

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This carbon steel double blade 6″ (150 mm) long; full length 13″ (330 mm) grass shear is made of all metal. The blades are anti-adhesion coated to prevent plant debris and trimmings off. 

This grass shear can handle any amount of effort. They may be resharpened to maintain the blades sharp and ready for your next task but it comes with conventional fixed-blade construction, and this is one of them.

At harvest, it is used for tightly shearing wool, harvesting delicate plants, and topping or harvesting all types of lawns. Handle has a surface polished coating for a comfortable grip.

Spear & Jackson Compact Topiary

Sharp and precise spear and jackson compact topiary shears is ideal for shaping decorative topiary. Design is compact, making it suitable for both small and large hands. Shorter blades allow for more precise, close-cutting which makes it ideal for working in small spaces. Carbon steel blades provide long-lasting sharpness with a non-slip PVC grip for added safety and comfort.


Who says you have to spend a fortune on topiary shears? The Draper Topiary Shears are ideal for those on a tight budget. Despite their inexpensive price, these shears are built to last.

It is made to Draper’s high quality standards and has essential features to increase performance. In this situation, Draper used a useful yet minimal design. Even though there is no spring, the shears’ innovative construction enables for automated blade retract.

Likewise, the steel blades can be sharpened and replaced.

Glittering Bazaar

Glittering Bazaar Grass Topiary Shears, Sheep Shear - Heavy Duty Onion Wool Trimming Scissors, Grass Flowers Shear, Large Forged Carbon...

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Glittering bazaar grass topiary shear is a traditional professional tool for shearing sheep, but also for topiary cutting of magnolias and juniper bushes. Close shearing of sheep wool used for flower trimming, harvesting delicate plants such as ivy and ornamental shrubs, overall length: 12.5 inch

Glittering bazaar grass topiary shear comes with high carbon steel blades and will provide adequate cutting coverage for most shearing jobs. Along with the sharpness of the blade, it will do wonders for tackling the toughest weeds, and the length helps reach difficult spots.


Wolf-Garten has been manufacturing high-quality cutting tools for nearly half a century. This brand gives perfection with renowned German engineering and over 100,000 cutting testing systems. The Wolf-Garten Lightweight Box Tree Shears were a welcome surprise.

It has a shorter blade for accurate topiary shaping. The maker also included curved and double-edged blades for cleaner, more precise cutting even after years of usage. The blades are also non-stick coated for easy cutting and cleaning.


Zenport ZL122G Heavy Duty Onion/Sheep Shear, Ergonomic, 6.5-Inch Carbon Steel Blade, 13-Inch Long

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The Zenport ZL122G double bow heavy duty onion and topiary shears have 6.5-inch carbon steel blades and are used for trimming flowers, harvesting delicate plants, topping onions during harvest, and even close shearing of sheep wool.

For trimming flowers, fragile plants, onions, and close shearing sheep wool. Double bow action opens blades after each cut with its twin 65-inch blades; 13-inch overall.

Dralac Expert

Let’s take a quick poll. How many of you own hedge clippers and lawn mowers? That’s almost all of us.

While these are terrific trimming and mowing tools, you’ll always need something for the last touches. Your lawn will look amazing with the DP1850 Darlac Expert Topiary Shears. The sleek black and red appearance quickly distinguishes these shears.

Like other high-end models, the manufacturer integrated a spring for automated retracting. The DP1850 Expert shears also have replaceable SK5 carbon steel blades.


It has an ergonomic design with a soft vinyl cushion grip for comfort and soft coated shock absorbing bumpers. has a high rating for FITOOL Heavy Duty Blade Compact Topiary Shears. Customers have given it over a hundred stars.

5.5-inch (140mm) heated treated high carbon steel blades, total length 12.9-inch (327mm), surface black powder coating finishing. Hence, the product dimensions: 12.9×2.5×1.2″; net and weight: 0.82lbs (370g) is exceptional. Ideal for topiary shearing, grass/small hedge trimming, flower/fruit harvesting, and onion topping after harvesting.

Detailed Guidance

The challenge is picking the ideal topiary shears for your plants, which usually boils down to size. Because there are so many kinds on the market, it might be confused between single-handed shears for fine details and larger shears for edging. 

This buying guide was created to help you select the best topiary scissors. It will be a fast one, so get your mental pen and paper ready.


The materials used determine the blades’ quality. Durable blades made of quality materials can be re-sharpened. Carbon steel is popular because it is robust and sharpens well. Depending on the model, you can either replace or re-sharpen the blade.


The blade length is important for reaching in confined locations or cutting big regions at branches for hedging. For easier reach, look for models with lengthy blades. Short-bladed topiary shears are ideal for reaching plants and spirals. Choose shears according on the thickness, detail, and position of the topiary plants.


The best topiary shears presently have well-balanced soft-grip handles.

Ergonomic handles with or without gloves help folks with weak grips.

If you can discover anti-jarring topiary shears, you can avoid the problem of cheaper shears jamming owing to using non-stick blades and blunt blades. To allow for back-to-back cuts, the shears should be easily opened and closed.

How to Use Topiary Shears?

Topiary shears work like other shears, cutting tiny bits of wood and branches to the desired size and shape. They have lengthy handles to chop bigger stems and branches with more precision.

Topiary shears must constantly be sharp for clean cutting and to avoid crushing stems. Trim new shoots when they reach 10cm in length, then cut down to the two leaves at the stem’s base. Then just lightly trim till you see your ideal topiary shape! Trim the leaves as they appear through the wire to keep the topiary in shape.

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