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Watering your plants can be difficult to find time for, but it is a crucial task. Consider getting yourself a planter caddy if you’re searching for a way to make things easier. This will provide you with a place to store all of your pots, making them easier to handle and move around your yard or garden.

Because there are so many various planter caddies on the market, we’ve assembled a list of our favourites below! It will go over some of the most popular and well-reviewed items so you can decide which one is best for you. 

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Things to Consider when Buying Outdoor Plant Caddy

Many environment lovers, it is fair to say, have a soft spot in their hearts for flora. They enjoy bringing their favorite plants into their houses. Plants flourishing on our verandas and patios are a sight to behold. Moving these enormous pots around the house, on the other hand, is a difficult task. Planter caddies, on the other hand, can help with this. The following is a guide to assisting you in selecting the best planter caddies for your garden.


Planter caddies are available in a variety of sizes, and the size of the caddy should be considered before purchasing. Heavier plant pots are frequently transported in larger planter caddies. The caddy you choose will be determined by the type of plant you want to use it with. It’s also worth remembering that some plants outgrow their measures.


The shape of the planter caddy is also important to consider while shopping for one. The size of your room will often limit the design of some planter caddy. There are rectangle, round, circular, and planter caddy shapes to choose from.

Weather Resistance

Your plant pot should undoubtedly be placed in a well-lit area. As a result, the planter caddy is exposed to both rain and sunlight, which might be disastrous. Consider purchasing a plant caddy that is waterproof. The caddy’s stand should be rustproof as well.


Because some plant pots are particularly heavy, a solid caddy is required. Ensure that the planter caddy you purchase can handle the weight of the plant pot you intend to set on it.

Lockable Wheels

Although the planter caddy should have movable wheels, there are times when you want it to remain stationary. When you return home, you don’t want to discover that your plant container has been relocated. Most planter caddies have a locking mechanism that allows you to place them in a stationary position.


Some plants struggle when there is a lot of water in the pot. Many planter caddies come with drains to allow water to flow from the plant pot.

Best Heavy Duty Plant Caddy (LMS 210)

Coadura Plant Caddy

Coadura Plant Caddy with Wheels 15.5 Inch - 2 Pack Plant Caddy on Wheels Heavy Duty,Plant Dolly Plant Tray with...

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$32.99 $42.99

Made of toughening resin, it has a high hardness and toughness, and it doesn’t age or rust. With 15.5″ top diameter, 14″ bottom diameter, and 1.5″ depth. Additionally, the weight of the load is 100 lbs. This size is recommended for flower pot bases with a diameter of 13-14.2 inches.

Indoors and out, it’s a popular choice. This Plant Caddy can be used in a variety of ways:

For moving garden pots, heavy plants, large potted trees, large vases, whiskey barrels, or heavy trash cans both indoors and out.

Protect your floor with this circular plant caddy with 360-degree universal wheels, perfect for moving flower pots, vases, and potted plants. The Planters Will Be Kept Off The Ground By The Rolling Stands, Protecting Your Expensive Floor.

Allows air to flow beneath the pot and serves as a water storage container, preventing the floor from becoming wet while watering.

Patio Caddy Plant and Pot Mover

Little Easy, Patio Caddy Plant and Pot Mover; Easy Rolling; Decorative,Heavy Duty, 360° Swivel Locking Wheels; Durable Plastic; Indoor, Outdoor...

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Is both durable and trustworthy. It’s a breeze to move plants and other heavy-duty goods with this. It’s made to roll easily, but it also looks wonderful when you’re showcasing your plants. 360° swiveling wheels leave no scars on your patio and can be locked to keep plants in position when needed. Made in the United States.

LITADA Acacia Wood Plant Caddy

LITADA Acacia Wood Plant Caddy (Set of 2) Plant Dolly Heavy Duty, 12 inches Square Plant Roller with 4 Metal...

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Made of high-quality wood that is thick enough to support heavier plant pots. 4 heavy-duty metal casters with long life 360 degrees rotating allow for 150 lbs capacity this flower pot stand is designed with four supporting points to keep flower pots stable.

made of 100% acacia wood, this piece is both durable and beautiful. Acacia wood is an extremely sturdy wood type that will not break or fade outside in the garden or balcony. The color is a natural phenomenon. The 12″ square caddy is the perfect size to hold any size pot, small, medium, or large. simple to use. using right after unboxing

reduces heavy lifting with easy movement and non-scratch: 360-degree rotating casters allow you to move heavy plants, large potted trees, and large vases in any direction. Furthermore, the four lockable caster wheels will keep your flower pot in place and prevent it from sliding. Sweepin casters protect wood floors, concrete, and carpet from scratches. suitable for both outdoor and indoor use – rolling plants outside during the day to provide sunlight and rolling inside when it’s raining hard

The acacia wood plant caddy can also be used to keep bins, laundry hampers, and boxes mobile and stack them on this caddy. This plant dolly not only keeps your heavy planter in place, but it also adds to the design of your corner and garden.

100% money-back guarantee: litada plant caddy heavy duty comes with a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. 

Plant Caddy with 15 Wheels 

Plant Caddy with Wheels 15-20inch Heavy Duty 440lbs Capacity Adjustable Caddy Rolling Caddy Outdoor Planter Plant Stand Indoor Flowerpot Plant...

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[20-Inch Sturdy Plant Dolly] -Non-Toxic And Tasteless Durable Abs Material Nonslip Grooving Panel Design-Grid Non-Skid Pattern Increases Friction Between Plant Pots And Caddy Prevents Slip; Thicken Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Can Maintain Good Stability Under Extreme Conditions;

[Heavy Duty Rolling Plant Caddy] – Max Load Up To 440Lbs – Ideal For Ceramic/Concrete/Metal/Stone Flower Pots Or Other Heavy Machines With Wheels, You Can Glide-Out As You See Fit. The adjustable size ranges from 11.8 to 19.7 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of flowerpots.

[Not Just For Large Flowerpots] -This Large Rolling Plant Stand Is Ideal For Plant Pots, Fish Tanks, Portable Washing Machines, Dryers, Refrigerators, Cabinets, Air Conditioners, Outdoor Sun Umbrellas, And Other Heavy Machines.

[360-degree rotatable double wheels with four locking points] – 4 Wheels With 4 Locks Make It Stable When Moving It And Easy To Remove What You Want

Amagabeli 2 

Amagabeli 2 Pack 14" Plant Caddy with Wheels Heavy Duty Iron Wheeled Plant Stand Brake Round Pot Mover on Rollers...

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There’s no need to assemble it, and it’s lockable. 4 Completely Assembled Solid Rubber Casters Casters Move Heavy Plants With Little Effort, Relocate Plants For Hurricanes and Sunlights Weather. And one of the wheels has a brake that can be locked to keep the Caddy secure. This Plant Caddy has a lip around the outside rim to prevent plants from sliding off as you move them.

Amagabeli Metal Flower Pot Caddy Is 14 Inch In Diameter And Made Of Durable Powder Coated Welded Material. This spherical iron planter stand is large enough to hold large and heavy planters or flower pots while allowing you to freely move around your home. The Rustproof And Weather Resistant Powder Coated Metal Material Used In The Iron Potted Plant Stand With Wheels The Round Flower Pot Rack On Rollers Is Made Of High-Quality Iron, Enabling This Plant Saucer On Wheels To Support Heavier Plant Pots Or Other Planters.

This Heavy Duty Patio Plant Caddy Roller With Wheels Base Is Made Of Black Iron With Powder Coated Surface Will Allow You To Use The Garden Plant Caster With Wheels Outdoors Durably. The Black Fine Surface Rolling Plant Stand Will Look Great On Your Patio, Garden, Yard, Or Deck. Plant Dolly Or Plant Tray With Wheels Can Be Moved Easily On House Floors, Carpets, Soil Ground, And Lawns, And The Wheels Will Not Get Stuck Or Locked Up.

Indoor Floor Protecting & Decor: This Floor Flower Pot Rack Has Smooth Wheels, So You Don’t Have To Worry About Your Expensive Floor Getting Worn Out. The Plant Rolling Caddy Adds A Stylish And Natural Touch To Your Home With Its Aesthetic Design. This Plant Roller With Casters Is A Decorative Element That Fits Any House Design And Adds More Delights To Your Life Because Of The Circular Arc Iron With Fine Black Coating The Plant Container Stand With Wheels Is A Stable Architectural Structure.

Customer Service: This Corner Plant Stand Indoor, Floor Plant Saucer With Wheels Can Be Widely Used Indoor And Outdoor For Moving Garden Pots, Heavy Plants, Large Potted Trees, Large Vases, Whiskey Barrels, Or Heavy Trash Cans While Also Protecting Your Floor From Wearing Out. We Are Committed To Providing You With Premium Products And Exceptional Customer Service. Don’t put it off any longer; start enjoying your ideal products right now! Note: Pots are only for display purposes and are not included.


Bosmere S14410 Down Under Plant Caddie, Heavy Duty Plant Stand with Wheels, 500lb Capacity, 14-Inch,Black

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Bosmere S18410 Down Under Plant Caddie, Heavy Duty Plant Stand with Wheels, 500lb Capacity, 16-Inch, Black

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The Bosmere is another great option on our list and here is why:

 All Pots Are Compatible The Down Under Plant Caddie works on all sizes and shapes of pots and planters. It can hold the heaviest plants, with a weight limit of 500 pounds.

With Ease, Move Heavy Plants Heavy pots are easy to move around your deck and patio with the Bosmere Down Under Plant Caddie. Our tough nylon and steel wheels make rolling a breeze.

High-quality nylon and steel wheels provide smooth rolling, with one locking caster to keep the Caddie in place.

Bosmere Is A Family-Owned Company That Has Been Providing Fine British Garden Products For More Than 30 Years. We believe that anyone can garden, so why not do so with finely crafted tools and products that meet traditional British standards?

Our Plant Caddie Is Rustproof And Corrosion Resistant And Made With Heavy Duty UV Resistant Plastic To Withstand The Elements.

Morntek Plant Caddy 

Mornteko Plant Pallet Caddy, 15.94" Heavy Duty Metal Planter Pot Mover, Plant Pot Pallet Dolly Caster with Iron Wheels and...

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Last on our list is the Morntek plan caddy and here is why:

External Diameter: 15.94″, Internal Diameter: 14.96″, Suitable for flowerpots with a diameter of 0-14.17″ Size and Bearing: External Diameter: 15.94″, Internal Diameter: 14.96″, Suitable for flowerpots with a diameter of 0-14.17″ The plant stand can support a plant weighing up to 396.8 lbs (180 kg). Before you buy a flowerpot, make sure to measure the diameter of the bottom (measure method as our picture shows).

Upgraded Firm Construction & Heavy Duty: This new plant caddy was built with a robust steel pallet and iron wheels, ensuring a heavy bearing and firm construction. Longer lasting and heavier bearing Simply discard the plastic plate stand, which is prone to breaking and emitting a foul odor.

New Thoughtful Design: Each plant stand includes a drain hole and a free watering pallet, ensuring a clean and tidy environment. Drain excess water via the drain hole to keep the plate and floor from getting wet and growing mosquitoes and insects.

The flowerpot pallet was composed of a strong steel plate that was both wear-resistant and rust-proof. And the coster wheels were built of silver iron and PVC, which were 5 times more durable than regular plastic wheels, rolling freely, bearing greater weight, and not readily breaking.

Widely Application: Pallet in a round form, appropriate for a variety of plant pot shapes. This plant dolly can be used both indoors and out to move garden pots, big plants, large potted trees, large vases, whiskey barrels, or heavy trash cans. It will keep your home neat and tidy while also protecting your floor from wear and tear.


So there you have it, the best outdoor plant caddy have been presented today! Go ahead and check them out and determine yourself which one suits your needs the best. 

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