Jonathan Green Grass Seed Review

It’s a very common problem to find yourself trying to have a beautiful and even-looking lawn but with no grass seed growing enough to cover the whole area. No matter how much you water your new grass seed it just doesn’t fill in like you want it to. Well, now you can stop struggling to have a breathtaking yard.

The Jonathan Green grass seeds are a special mixture of tall fescue and a bunch of other grass variety seeds such as Blue-Tastic Kentucky bluegrass and Frontier Perennial ryegrass.

Jonathan Green Fast Grow Grass Seed, 7-Pound

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This mixture is specially formulated for fast germination as it can retain soil moisture and grow just fine either under direct sunlight and even partial shadow. Also, each 7 lb bag gets to cover up to 2800 square feet of terrain. Enough for you to have extra seeds on the soil so that full coverage is guaranteed even if there’s an eventuality that threatens to reduce your seed number.

The Jonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra mixture is ideal for dry weather, so drought won’t be an obstacle for these grass babies to grow. These seeds sprout plants that are covered with a waxy coating that helps to preserve the own moisture of the plant and the soil.

In addition, all of the seeds come with endophytes which are endogenous microorganisms of the plant. Their function is then to prevent plagues and diseases from striking naturally and organically.

For planting them you just need to prep the ground with some organic potting mix and lay the seeds on top. After that, you shall mix them with the prepped soil gently by hand. Then, it’s just a matter of keeping a moisturized soil watering it approximately 2-3 a day.

You can also cover the area up so that moisture is retained during the germination process and also keep them safe from hungry predators like birds. With all this in mind, you can tell they can sprout really fast, in fact, you’ll have a breathtaking lawn in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Overall, the Jonathan Green grass seed mixture gives maximum results with healthy and good-looking lawns that also grow evenly in no-time.


  • 49.25% Dakota Tall Fescue
  • 24.65% Montana Tall Fescue
  • 24.50% Dorado Tall Fescue
  • 1.40% Inert Matter
  • 0.08% Other crop seeds
  • 0.02% weed seeds
  • Covers up to 2800 square feet
  • 3 lb. – 7 lb. bags
  • Dark-green color
  • Grows well in clay or sandy soils
  • Grows in full sun or partial shade
  • Invisible waxy coating
  • Wards off disease
  • Preserves moisture in the leaf
  • Superior drought tolerance
  • Contains natural insect-resistant endophytes
  • Proudly made for the American grass and soil
9 Total Score
Fast growth for a beautiful lawn

The Jonathan Green Grass Seed mixture gives maximum results with healthy and good-looking lawns that also grow evenly in no-time.

Growth speed
Ground Coverage
Weather resistance
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