Black Magic Potting Soil Review

There are a lot of aspects to keep in mind when it comes to planting. For example, the types of plants that you want to grow is one of them. You have to ensure that the soil where you intend to plant has sufficient nutrients. A soil with enough nutrients will boost your plants growth to produce healthy fruits or flowers. Black Magic was created for this purpose in specific as it can be used to enhance soil fertility, so you can be totally sure that your plants will thrive as a result of your efforts and you do not have to worry that they may perish at any growth stage.

If you want to start growing plants either indoors or outdoors, then Black Magic Soil is definitely for you as it will perform exceptionally well with any of these growth methods.It will give your plants the foundations so that they can grow strong and healthy. After one month of using the Black Magic Potting soil, you will not need to add any other nutrients or fertilizers to your soil. With these attributes, the Black Magic Potting soil is probably the best potting soil you can buy now.

Black Magic Potting Soil Ingredients

It is known that without enough nutrients, it is not possible for plants to grow appropriately. However, The Black Magic Potting soil is enriched with the nutrients that your plants require to thrive. For instance, it can be found that this potting soil has bat guano, aged bark, coco coir, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, volcanic ash and worm castings. All of these components work together to assure maximum nutrition and promote aeration and moisture retention.

This premium potting soil is soft and light, and it does not easily compact. As a result it boosts aeration, meaning that plant’s roots will have an excellent oxygen and air flow, something which is essential for plants to grow well.It also offers great water retention to avoid any rot or mold and part of the moisture is conserved to maintain the plants hydrated and nourished.

Lastly, Black Magic Soil features an excellent consistency, meaning that your plants will not have any problem anchoring their roots. This potting soil offers an incredible stability for the entire system of your plants, meaning that they will not collapse or tear out due to the weather or other elements out there.

Black Magic Potting Soil pH

At its most basic level,Ph is a measurement of acidity/ alkalinity in water or soil that determines the nutrient availability for plants. Nutrients cannot be absorbed by plants if the pH is too high or too low, so pH must be at a balanced level so that plants can obtain the necessary nutrients. A pH between 5.8 and 6.2 is highly recommended for pure water culture in a recirculating systems. It is important to make adjustments of the pH when its level is above 6.5 or is below 5.5. For doing so you can use a pH up or down product specifically made for plants.

How to Use Black Magic Potting Soil?

Before planting, it is necessary to prepare the soil in your garden so that plants can bloom over time. However you must keep in mind that even if the soil is already prepared and healthy, having prepared the soil is not enough, especially if you want to grow your plants in containers and not in the ground. When growing plants in containers such as pots, it is good to combine some potting soil. Soils for containers must have an effective drainage system and be properly aerated. Here are some useful hints for using Black Magic Potting soil to have success in your plant growth process.

Mix the soil with the Black Magic Potting Soil

It is not advised to use exclusively garden soil when growing plants in pots. This is true and  it does not matter if soil looks beautiful or plants grow well in your garden. You must combine your garden soil with potting soil instead. All of this have to be done before putting the mix of soil with the Black Magic Potting Soil  in the container.

Moisten the potting soil 

Before planting, it is necessary to hydrate the potting soil a little bit and for doing so, you must load a container with the potting soil, add some water and softly fluff it to moisten it.

Fill the container with the potting soil

Having moistened the soil, you can now start loading your container with it. However, do not completely fill the container, leave at least an inch between the soil and the rim of the container for watering your plants more easily.

Start planting

And finally, it is time to plant. With the Black Magic Potting Soil you won’t have to fertilize your plants for one month or so. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this may differ depending on the product you use. Therefore, you must first read the instructions carefully if you use a different sort of potting soil.

Where to Buy Black Magic Potting?

Apart from buying the Black Magic Potting soil at your local location, you can buy it on the Internet in case you do not find a physical store where the Black Magic potting soil is sold. For example, you can buy it on amazon and also it is available on YorshireTrading.


The Black Magic Potting Soil is a top-quality product because it is composed of top ingredients, being in this way the most suitable base for your soil to get thriving plants. Apart from being used for soil, it can be utilized as a potent plant fertilizer. Its outstanding mix of ingredients considerably boost the strength of not only plants but also roots. This product is versatile as it can be used for both indoor  and outdoor gardening. It also keeps a high level of consistency. It incorporates all the nutrients required for your plants to bloom. Aeration and moisture retention are perfectly balanced in this potting soil. All of the above characteristics come together to make the Black Magic Potting Soil the correct product to promote an appropriate development of your plants.


9.2 Total Score
A Soil That Works Like Magic!

Black Magic Soil features an excellent consistency, meaning that your plants will not have any problem anchoring their roots.

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